A Little Bit About Us

Better Together

Cityroommates.co wants to give you a chance to experience living your way. Born out of a frustration with current room finding sites,
cityroommates.co seeks to better your living conditions by matching you with ‘friends you haven’t met yet’. And living with friends can be great fun! Go to places you love, eat at restaurants you like, watch movies that interest you. Cityroommates cuts out the initial awkwardness of ‘roommate shyness’ and ‘getting to know one another’ as you would have already met, chatted and become fast friends through the Cityroommate platform.
Early bird or night owl, whatever you love doing, love it better when you do it together.

Another Roommate finding application

There are already just so many of them out there. Endless photos of the lovely garden, the front room, kitchen sink, the dog and his best friend the cat.

And then there’s the brief description of what really matters, the person you’ll be living with. What do you have in common? Will you get along? Will you move in and find yourself confined to your bedroom relying on takeaway dinners every evening in the hope that you don’t run into them?


We are people focused. We prefer you to get to know your Roommate via our platform before finding a place together that you’ll enjoy living in. We know you hate surprises and so do we