How to Deal with a Bad Roommate

When you’re looking for rooms for rent, one of the most important things you will have to deal with, and probably the last thing you feel like dealing with, is roommates. Why? They’re just people, aren’t they? And you probably lived with your siblings long enough to survive? Naturally, when looking for a roommate, you’re going to come across different people from different backgrounds with different beliefs and cultures. While living in rooms for rent might mean you find a roommate who becomes a best friend for life, it could also be where, if you are unlucky, you find yourself bunked up with the most dreaded issue: a bad roommate. To deal with the roommate from hell, here are 5 key rules to follow. 5 Ways to Deal with a Bad Roommate Tip 1: Communication The first rule for any relationship – friends, family or roommates, is communication. When you find a roommate doing something pretty obnoxious, don’t be scared to let them know it’s bothering you. You don’t need to shout or get all dramatic about it, but rather say something simple like, “hey, I know it sounds like I’m freaking out, but I clean the place every morning and by night it is a mess. Think you could start helping out with that?” Remember, though, that nobody’s going to listen to someone who only speaks to them when it’s negative, so take the time to get to know your roommate. Chances are you have been looking for a roommate to get along with, so go out for coffee, cook a meal and get to know them. Tip 2: Differences The next thing to think about when living in rooms for rent is you and your roommate come from different places. Whether that’s different homes, different states or different countries, you need to remember that you have different backgrounds. If need a room tell us if you have a room Keep this in mind when your “bad” roommate is doing something rude or unusual. While their obsessive cleanliness may seem sort of dictator-like to you, maybe your “organized clutter” is disgusting to them. This is an example where you can easily meet half way and try to understand that you have differing views of cleanliness. Tip 3: Boundaries You also need to remember that boundaries are really important. Set a few right off the bat and respect each other’s boundaries. If you don’t like loud music later at night, ask them to turn it down a notch. If they’re not fans of disheveled clothing on the floor, designate a laundry area. Tip 4: Watch Your Attitude When you find a roommate, you’re going to have to see them every day so passive-aggressiveness can be the enemy. While you may initially want to vent your feelings without being confrontational, keep this in mind: notes are not a good idea. Whether you pass your message through a friend, leave comments on Facebook or literally write notes, just don’t. If there is an issue, say it to your roommate’s face. Face to face contact tends to show respect and offers the chance to get your message across the way you intend it to, not how it looks written down or passed on. Tip 5: Intervention Once you have tried everything and your roommate simply refuses to reciprocate your good intentions, it’s time to head to a higher authority. Once you’ve tried getting to know your roommate, accepted who they are and talked to them directly about any issues you may have, you really have done all you can. After all, you’re only one person. Sadly, some “bad” roommates simply don’t care what you like, want or have to say. Don’t take this personally. They may just be having trouble adjusting to living with a stranger. If this seems like the case, it’s time to meet up with somebody who has been hired to deal with these kinds of problems. Caretakers, dorm managers, landlords and others have experience dealing with such problems and offering mediation. Explain your problems to them and give them a chance to talk to your roommate too. If they battle to convince your bad roommate that it’s time to straighten up, they may be willing to help you relocate. This is probably going to take some time, though, so be prepared. It will depend on your location and rooms for rent in the area you want to be in. You may have to ride out the rest of your lease before moving on, too. Find A Roommate You Get On With Remember, roommates are also people – even the bad ones. Often, understanding and communication can help create a more tolerable living environment. Sometimes, though, you just get a bad roommate. If you’re looking for a roommate you will get along with, use CityRoommates features to message and talk to roommates online to find a compatible match today.  

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